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Our Product : Why Use It?

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

Whether you’re replacing your old POS software or starting fresh, you must ask yourself, “Why do I want a POS system?” If your answer is “I want to make more money” or “I want to save time”, then RetailMagic is for you.

Realize a massive boost in profits!

  • Reduce pricing errors
  • Control “price points” for maximum profits
  • Keep your inventory costs low by reducing dead inventory and maximizing turns
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Provide instant financial reports that show you where you’re making or losing money
  • Provide critical information so you can make adjustments and maximize profits

Add value to your marketing plan!

  • Send sales letters or promotions to your existing customers
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Simplify Inventory Management and reduce costs!

  • Instantly show you which items are not moving
  • Show your top sellers
  • Show you how often you sell an item
  • Show you precisely where you are overstocked or under-stocked at any given time

Drastically reduce bookkeeping and accounting work!

  • Calculate your monthly sales tax in seconds
  • Print monthly statements in minutes
  • Automatically enter sales transactions into your accounts receivable
  • Instantly show you who owes you money
  • Instantly show you who you owe and when it’s due so you can control your cash flow
  • Automatically post receipts to the journals and produce monthly financial statements
  • Maintain a clear audit trail to reduce end of year accounting costs

Serve your customers faster and make them happier!

  • Speed up check outs and make your customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable
  • Instantly view past customer purchases
  • Track discounts for individual customers
  • Produce clean, crisp and professional invoices or receipts
  • Provide in-house credit to select customers or business accounts