Helping retailers increase efficiency and profitability through technology


SCHIECK FINANCIAL SOFTWARE INC. was incorporated in 1993 to create point-of-sale and accounting software for retailers and wholesalers. Our vision is to deliver business solution software to small businesses at an affordable price. In consultation with small business owners, RetailMagic was born and seamlessly integrates point-of-sale transactions with accounting information increasing the information available and reducing the time spent recording this information. RetailMagic has been in use since 1991 and has been polished to perfection.


Barry, the co-founder of RetailMagic has been teaching accounting and computer application since 1980. After over 10 years of on-site installation, training and support for other software packages he decided to develop RetailMagic to satisfy the needs of small businesses looking for point-of-sale and accounting applications that were robust enough to handle their business, easy to learn and affordable. Barry has been installing, training and supporting RetailMagic since 1993 and will continue to do so through Licensees. These licensees will provide the hardware, software, training and support on a local level giving the end user one face to the system no matter what problems may arise.